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Sarmady offers creative and development expertise on mobile apps, websites, games, rich media and interactive banners.

With more than 10 years of experience in digital business, and with more than 3 years in the mobile field, Sarmady can help you better engage your fans with branded mobile-friendly sites, mobile applications, games, websites or with creative banners.

Engage your fans with a mobile-friendly, branded site powered by Sarmady!

With more and more people consuming content away from their desktops you'll want to ensure your brand's messages are accessible on mobile devices.

Our team develops eye-catching Web pages specifically designed to be read on a diverse array of mobile platforms. Even if you already have a mobile Web site, our team can enhance functionality and optimize design to ensure your messages stand out. People are now increasingly browsing the web using their mobile phones. Have a mobile site created to compliment your web site or to provide localized information. Provide consumers with mobile content to download and use forms to accept consumer data and input.

As people are on the go, they are consistently staying connected using their portable devices. A Mobile Web Site or Application will give people the extra hook into your brand that will provide awareness, recall, and loyalty.
Sarmady will work with you to design and develop your mobile web site from the requirements stage to implementation. We will also provide you with hosting and support based on your specific technical needs and terms.
Have a mobile site for your advertising campaign!


Sarmady's branded mobile app and mobile site are different products with separate pricing.

The MOBILE SITE is a mobile-friendly website (e.g. Mujaz) designed for fast and easy navigation on any mobile device with a web browser and data connection. Mobile web browsers do not currently have the ability to support rich multi-media features. Mobile sites are always free for users to access.

The MOBILE APP is a downloadable piece of software that can take advantage of the computing power of a native platform (e.g. iPhone) to deliver a rich user experience. Some applications can be used without an Internet connection at all times. Mobile apps can be free or paid for users to download.

Your brand needs a mobile app!

Having a mobile app for your brand installed on your customers' phones means:

It's time to save!

A mobile app can save both your money and your brand image!

Cope with change!

Customers now don't prefer a brand over a brand because of just direct marketing, they prefer the brand that takes care of their interests and reach them through word of mouth from people they trust as well, a thing that your mobile app is capable of doing for sure, by just going viral.

Endless opportunities!

Imagine your customers:

The market is ready!

With millions of smart phone owners in Egypt and massive growth in smart phone market you can't go wrong. Your customers are ready, they just need your app!

And you need Sarmady to develop it!

We know it:

We own it:

Check our creative Portfolio or contact us for more details.

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