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Welcoming Shady Sabry as Marketing and Sales Director
Posted on: Aug 12, 2012, at 16:39 PM

As Ashraf Maklad decides to take on a new professional experience and leave Sarmady, we'd like to thank him and wish him all the best ahead while welcoming Shady Sabry as Sales and Marketing Director at Sarmady.

Ashraf has been with Sarmady for 3 years and has been one of the pioneers of Sarmady's success and leadership of the internet market in Egypt.

Shady joins us after spending 11 years in Vodafone Egypt. He worked for the Technology Department until 2007 after which he moved to the Marketing Department where he was responsible for the Supply Chain and Operations of VodaFone Egypt's Terminals. For a few years now Shady has had a passion for the Internet and has worked with Sarmady on several occasions, and also spent a month with us in 2011 on assignment with the marketing team.

During the coming month, Ashraf and Shady will conduct several introductory meetings with esteemed partners. On this matter, Ashraf Maklad addresses to Sarmady's business partners, mentioning: "I also take this opportunity to thank you all for the last 3 years, they have been challenging, demanding, fun and I am proud to say successful. I leave Sarmady confident that it will continue to serve your needs at the highest quality level and continue to grow and impress the industry."

They can be contacted by email for any business inquiries needed.

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