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Over 700,000 users enjoyed their Ramadan with
Posted on: Sep 21, 2009, at 03:27 AM

Over 700,000 unique visitors logged on website during Ramadan. had an intensive coverage to Ramadan over TV, Radio, Tents, etc...Because of the special features it had, it witnessed such traffic.

This year, it had special Ramadan services for its visitors, like the daily summary for the best 20 soaps that enable the user to stay following all their favorite soaps even if they missed it one day, the summary is on Also the TV and Radio schedule posted thus to help the user to know the where and when of the shows.

It is important to note that Ramadan 2009 witnessed 120% growth in number of unique visitors compared to Ramadan 2008. This is just one of many indicators of the change in the numbers of Internet users in Egypt and the behavior of the Egyptian user online.

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