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"Mobile What's Next" Review
Posted on: Nov 30, 2010, at 09:43 AM

Another great event was organized by Ideavelopers on Monday, November 29th, 2010, "Mobile, What's Next?". It was the second event in a series dedicated to the mobile business that gathered Egyptian entrepreneurs and professionals.

The most exciting part was having Naguib Sawiris interviewed by Ziad Aly, CEO of ZMS. "The one hour with Sawiris was refreshing, inspirational, useful and highly enjoyable", says Con O'Donnell, CEO of Sarmady. "Naguib Sawiris shows extraordinary support for entrepreneurship and education in Egypt, and names things as they are", continues Con.

Naguib Sawiris shared stories of his failures and successes while transmitting useful messages to the young entrepreneurs present at the event. Paraphrased below are some of the messages he communicated:
• Never take no for an answer
• Innovate or even imitate good ideas from all over the world and start your own business. Imitation can be innovation. I push the young people forward and encourage entrepreneurship in Egypt.
• Egypt has creative people but they are not channeled in the right places. We can make a difference with education and democracy.
• Keep fighting corruption and run your business in the right way, it is doable but needs persistence.
• When you think of regional expansion, try doing it on your own, without getting local partners, as they will channel all the deals in their own favor.
• Mobile banking will replace credit card and money transfer industries.
• Keep updating the business plan and track the new technologies that could kill the startup. Sometimes startups provide a solution that is no longer valid due to the new technologies available in the market.
• Mobile applications designed to serve the health system in Egypt could be life saving and they are much more needed in Egypt than abroad, due to the poor medical system present here which obviously needs improvement.

The event continued with "Mobile Traction" where OTVENTURES, fawry and Sarmady made announcements of their new products and services. "The announcements part was rushed, there was not enough time for the speakers to make their presentations", says Con.

Fadi Antaki from Arpu+ introduced "Mobile Bananas", a mobile app publisher in over 43 countries. Fawry introduced a great mobile banking service, and all the details about their service can be found on their website.

Con O'Donnell first announced that all dotcom startups in Egypt will get full support on Sarmady's online network and their lowest CPM (cost per thousand impressions), at only 1.5 EGP, thus creating the cheapest ad network in Egypt for startups. For more details about the "entrepreneurship digital advertising package", contact Sarmady's team.

Sarmady's CEO continued by announcing the "SSR+ iPhone App" from which will be released in December addressing the global market. "SSR" stands for Schedules, Standings & Results and "Plus" stands for Full Personalization, Live Score and Breaking News. The FilGoal SSR+ iPhone App takes the digital football experience to a new level of personal customization and relevance. Check out the demonstration video to get a grasp of how the app is going to be.

The event continued with a "Startup Panel" with Bey2ollak, Vimov, CircleTie & WirelessStars. "The panel of entrepreneurs was not very effective, having repetitive and irrelevant questions addressed to the panelists. There were a lot of complaints, but no solutions provided." mentions Con O'Donnell.

Overall, it was an entertaining event and we're looking forward to the next one organized by Ideavelopers.

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